A complete skin analysis pinpointing any problem areas, bacteria dehydration of the cells, age spots of the with advanced custom treatments. Treatments may include.

*acne fighter


*high frequency

*skin scrubber

*galvanic current

*ultra sound

*spot remover

*needleless mesotherapy

HIgh Frequency:

Reduces Puffiness

Softens Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Increases Collagen & Elastin

Refines Pores

Improves acne & blackheads

Fades Dark Eye Circles

Regenerates Skin Cells

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Skin Scrubber/Ultrasound:

Improves Circulation

Reduces Clogged Pores, excess oil & dead skin

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Smooths and improves skin texture

Galvanic Current:

Increases Oxygen & circulation

Detox Skin

Deep pore penetration of skin products

reduces wrinkles

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Pro Facial
$50 approx 50 mins

Basic Facial with deep cleanse, facial steamer machine treatment, exfoliating scrub, mask, moisturizer. Plus a shoulder and scalp massage.

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Pro Facial Plus
$75 approx 60 mins

A complete skin analysis with a custom face treatment according to skin type, along with a relaxing shoulder, neck,  face and scalp massage.

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Pro Facial Deluxe
$115 approx 60 mins

For advanced treatment or techniques such as acne fighter facial, antiaging, microdermabrasion, spot remover, meso therapy, ultrasound high frequency, etc

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Pro Back Treatment $100 approx 60 mins

Treat your back to a facial. Body acne can put a damper on everyday situations (such as wearing your dream wedding dress or even just a carefree day at the beach), our Esthetician can help get you bare back ready. Treatment includes a personalized Deep cleansing treatment and exfoliating scrub using leading skin care products. This treatment also includes extractions!

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Extractions $10