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Sick and tired of the hard work not quite paying off like you expected?

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Have you tried other methods and nothing seems to help in the right area?

Or maybe you've lost the weight but the extra skin still remains (ahhh, the joys of motherhood, lol).

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Body Cavitation with RF, 
is Proven To Reduce Fat & Tighten Skin.
FDA Approved

Who is it for?

Those close to their desired body weight that need a little help with stubborn problem areas of fat buildup or loose skin due to aging and weight gain.

Body cavitation is a safe, non invasive,  FDA approved weight loss treatment. The results you obtain are permanent (provided you remain on a healthy track). Most clients usually see visible results by the end of your very 1st session and results improve in the days to follow. It's an affordable liposuction alternative.

How does it work?

Your technician will use guided pressure (somewhat similar to that of a massage) applied with handheld wands that emit sound wave vibrations into the body, that penetrate deep into fat layers.

The vibrations cause bubbles to form around fat pockets,

The trapped air bubbles burst causing tiny shock waves that lead to the breakdown of the fat cell membrane.

The fat then changes into a liquid form, which is partially used by the body and partially flushed out by the lymphatic system naturally.

With the help of RF vibrations, heat and suction and fluid intake this naturally occuring body cleansing process is given a jump start which is why results are usually seen same day and continue to improve as the waste is released through urine.

While also promoting the body collagen and keratin production to improve skins elasticity and appearance.  

 The results are permanent and future treatments offer even more results.

With zero down time and only the slightest possibility of any soreness or bruising this is a perfect option for nearly everyone. 

 For more information or to schedule your treatment today give us a call or click the link below.

Those with metal implants, recent surgery, or other health complications will need to be evaluated before deciding if or when treatment can take place.

We will be glad to answer any questions you have and determine if this treatment is right for you.

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H.G.    female 38 yrs old 115 lbs

I've been small most of my life, but I've always had somewhat of a double chin that has bothered me as long as I can remember honestly. Im the queen of selfies but if someone else took a picture of me they always seemed to capture it so I know it was visible to everyone.
I had been seriously thinking about getting a mini facelift to try and get rid of it.
After doing the RF skin tightening treatments, just a few times, for the first time in my life I have no worries about my double chin. It's basicly gone! I saved a ton of money, no risky surgery with unknown outcomes.  I wish I would have known about this a long time ago.
Next thing we are going to focus on is my mommy tummy, Im sure that will take a bit longer to get right, I have had two kids nearly 20 years ago, but Im excited to get my visits for that started! :) Stay tuned for my next update!

Body Cavitation & Skin Firming

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