12 Hour Massage2 LLC est#2861 Lic#7068


Coco Graves(LMT-LA7684) & Erica Funk (LMT-LA7068)


Email: ec12hourmassage@gmail.com

3113 Ryan Street Suite #6, Lake Charles, La 70601

Monthly membership 

Club 12

Club 12 is a Unique Membership Plan That Offers Something For Everyone.

Membership Initiation fee is $15 per year to be enrolled

Members can share their monthly benefits with one assigned individual.

Accrued Benefits do not expire Until 90 days after being rewarded.

You can redeem up to 3 unused monthly benefits at once.

Members can choose to enjoy a monthly massage or another

service provided on their membership list. (no further substitutions

can be made that are not on your level specific list)

Cancel at anytime with NO cancellation fee.

Automatic bank draft payment options are

monthly, quarterly or Yearly.

(Quarterly payments will always occur in January, April, July, & October)

Bonus Gifts 

And Over $45 In Yearly Savings.

If Our Prices Go Up, Yours Stay The Same!