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Coco Graves 12 Hour CoOwner

Coco Graves

Proud Co-Owner OF 12 HOUR MASSAGE

(since jan of 2019)

& massage therapist(8years & counting)


I could tell you my professional story,

about the classes I've taken

& modalities I'm experienced in,

and I may later on. but for now,

I want to share something more personal.


While in the process of writing and editing my bio for our website,

I had a meeting with a business associate,

we were discussing the local quickly rising massage prices

in our area, and she asked why we raised ours.

I answered her the best way I knew how,

"its so hard for me to even think about raising our prices

to keep up with our competitors

because most of our clientele are locals,

who have a set or fixed income and don't make big money."

I got choked up, my eyes began to water.


She was silent...

(feeling kind of embarrassed for getting so emotional

this brief pause felt like forever)

then she said,

"Wow, you really do care...

It's not just about the business aspect of it all,

you really do care about your clients.

That's what the world needs to know about this place.

The love for eachother & the clients."


In 2016 I walked through the doors as a Therapist looking for a job,

after going through a very difficult separation/divorce,

to my surprise I was Welcomed in with open arms

from original owner/founder of 12 Hour, Jill irons.

She always said, 'she had seen something in me that I couldn't see' at that moment.

I eventually realized, she saw a real person,

not just a possible new hire who could help her business make money.

She was definitely unlike any boss I've ever had

& not surprisingly the Therapists' she had here were all just as amazing.

The staff quickly felt like family & the clients soon seemed like good friends.

There's a unique love we all share here.

this place has never felt like a "job" ,

it's more like "home".

& if your still reading this, the thing I want you to know about me

(actually all of us here at 12 Hour),

is yes, we are all Licensed, experienced, knowledgeable & well-trained in various modalities,

like most reputable therapists,

but what makes us different is our 'heart'.

its not just about a 'paycheck' for us,

which is why we stay so affordable

& my therapists sacrifice chasing the pay they are worth

& could be earning at higher priced places.

for us, its about the love we have for this place, our roots & all of you.

the reason all of us here at 12 Hour became Therapists in the 1st place,

to make a difference.

in some way.

From easing chronic pain in our clients,

to helping a Mom feel special during her Mother's Day Spa Treatment,

down to something as simple as being that friendly familiar face a client sees

when they come for their appointment after a long day.


We all know

"What is done in love, is done well"    Vincent Van Gogh

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