Swedish Massage incorporates long smooth rhythmic strokes

to help ease muscle tension, aches and pains while also promoting relaxation.

While Deep Tissue Massage aids in chronic pain relief and utilizes a slower

and more firm pressure

(not suitable for everyone)

to help release deep connective tissue,

knots and muscle adhesions.

Warm Smooth (Hot Stones) are incorporated

to help further relaxation and muscle tension relief.

Prenatal Massage

2nd & 3rd trimester

 Oh Baby, You Deserve This!

30 Mins- $40

60 Mins- $75

Tandem Massage

Save on time, not quality!

Love getting a Massage?

Would you love it twice as much if there were two Therapists massaging you simultaniously!

See for yourself & fall in love with our Tandem Massage.

A 30 Min. is equivalent to a typical 1 hour massage 

30 mins- $80 

   A 60 Min. is equivalent to a typical 2 Hour massage

  60 mins- $150​

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

(Usually required post surgical procedure)

Techniques that encourage the natural drainage of the lymph,

which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

Must Call To Book

30 min - $45      60 min- $ 80

30 Minutes

Swedish/Deep   w/Hot Stones  Couples    Couples W/Hot Stones



60 Minutes

Swedish/Deep    w/Hot Stones  Couples    Couples W/Hot Stones

90 Minutes

Swedish/Deep   w/Hot Stones   Couples  Couples W/Hot Stones


30 Min TMJ (for jaw pain)-$40

uses specific techniques  focused on the head, neck and facial muscles of those suffering from TMJ most commonly due to teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

30 Min Reflexology  - $40

Reflexology uses pressure point therapy

on the hands/feet that align with the body to help aid in wellness

10 Min Scalp Massage $15

Aromatherapy oil add-on-$7

Spa Service List

*Fresh Start Face Treatment $35

a soothing cleansing face treatment using products that avoid harsh chemicals and help repair and replenish the skin.

*Body Scrub $60

an exfoliating scrub to help rid dry skin and is enriched with oils to replace moisture lost during our day to day lifestyles.

*Foot Scrub $15

an exfoliating scrub just on the feet followed by quick and gentle massage


Hand/Foot Dip $30

warm wax bath for the hands and feet that sooth joint pain and leaves the skin ultra soft

Preselected (money saving)  Packages

Mini Package $130

package includes

 30 Min Aromatherapy  Massage,

 Fresh Start Face Treatment  &

Body  Scrub

approximately 110 mins treatment time 


package includes

60 Min Aromatherapy Massage,

Paraffin Hand/Feet,

Fresh Start Face Treatment  &

Body Scrub

approximately  2.5 hours treatment time

Couples Wellness Package  $255

package includes

Couples 60 Min Aromatherapy Massage,

Couples Fresh Start Face Treatment  &

 Couples Scalp Massage

approximately  1 hour & 40 mins treatment time

Couples Mini Escape $185

package includes

Couples 30 Min Aromatherapy Massage

Couples Fresh Start Face Treatment   &

Couples Foot Scrub

approximately  1 hour 15 mins treatment time

When you schedule an appointment, it ensures we've reserved a spot just for you.

If it is cancelled at the last minute

or you simply do not show up at all, 

it greatly reduces the likelihood

it'll be filled by another client,


 CANCELLATIONS made less than 2 hours in advance will be charged  20% of your appointment cost. 

 NO-SHOW CLIENTS will be charged 75% of their appointment cost.

In the case you do need to make a  Cancellation or reschedule simply give us a call or even a text at least 2 hours before your appointment  337-802-9631 (Leave a message if no one is available to answer) 

In the event we have to reschedule your appointment due to something on our end, less than 2 hours prior, we will discount your rescheduled massage.