*Magnetizing Face Treatment $40

Recharging Face Treatment that uses magnetic self heating properties to cleanse and detoxify the face while feeling amazing. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, toning, mask, and moisturizing.

(Service time approx 20 minutes)

* Paraffin Face Treatment $50

This pampering treatment incorporates warm paraffin wax layers to the face. Leaving the skin hydrated and baby soft. (You really have to experience this one to understand how great it feels)

(Service time approx 30 minutes)

*Cleansing Face Treatment $40

a powerful yet gentle

face cleansing, resurfacing,

repairing and refreshing system.

Includes cleansing, exfoliation, toning, mask, and moisturizing.

(Service time is approx 25 mins.)

*Body Scrub $60

As we age,

our skins 28 day renewal process,

of old cells dying and sluffing off

and allowing new cells to emerge,

begins to slow down.

Over time this leads to dead cell build up.

Exfoliation helps remove what gets clogged up/caked on.

Helping new skin look  and feel smoother,

more vibrant and free of debris.  Scrub includes the back,

legs/feet, arms/hands.

(Service time is approx 40 mins.)

*Foot Scrub $20

an exfoliating scrub just on the feet,

with nourishing cream then

massaged into the feet 

leaves your feet feeling amazing

(Service time is approx 15 mins.)

*Paraffin Hand/Foot Dip $30

enjoy our new warm wax gloves

 for the hands & feet that soothe joint pain

& leaves you baby soft

(Service time, incorporated into your other services)

       *Soul Heel'ing  Treatment $45

Sit back, relax and let the jets bubbles work their magic. Treatment includes

* 10 minute aromatherapy infused foot soak in our warm jetted foot tub,

* an exfoliating foot scrub,

and finally a 10 minute foot massage with our house blend soul heeling foot balm


Preselected Packages

Custom package Pricing upon Request 

Mini Package $135

package includes

 30 Min Aromatherapy  Massage,

 Cleansing Face Treatment or Magnetizing Facial Treatment &

Body  Scrub

(approximately 1 hour 35 mins.

 treatment time) 


package includes

60 Min Aromatherapy Massage,

Paraffin Hand/Feet,

Fresh Start Face Treatment  &

Body Scrub

(approximately  a little over 2 hours

treatment time)

usually the paraffin in performed while the face mask sets- upgrade the face treatment to the warm wax facial for $10)

Couples Wellness Package  $255

package includes

Couples 60 Min Aromatherapy Massage,

Couples Fresh Start Face Treatment  &

 Couples Scalp Massage

(approximately  1 hour & 25 mins

treatment time)

scalp massage is usually performed while the face mask sets

Couples Mini Escape $195

package includes

Couples 30 Min Aromatherapy Massage

Couples Fresh Start Face Treatment   &

Couples Foot Scrub

(approximately  1 hour 

treatment time)

usually the foot scrub is performed while the face mask sets

Swedish/Deep tissue

Whether your looking for total relaxation from rhythmic massage stokes to soothe  minor aches  or a slow & intense targeted massage aimed at releasing those deep stubborn muscles that hold painful knots & tension or somewhere between the two, our Therapists can customize a massage to fit your needs. Hot stones make a great addition to either, adding a comfortable heat aiding in both mental relaxation & physical relaxation. More info & surprising health benefits can be found in the link below


Couples Swedish /Deep tissue

Enjoy the same great benefits described above, in our cozy couples suite, where you can enjoy pleasant conversation with another guest during a massage by the glow of the fireplace. 

Whether you choose to bring a spouse, parent, friend or child our room for two can accommodate your visit.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Usually required post surgical procedure to flush buildup from the lymphatic system, decreasing swelling and promoting faster healing/recovery time .


Zone therapy for hands/feet. Applied pressure to specific spots within the 10 zones that correspond to areas on the body releasing blockages & promoting healing. more info here https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/reflexology

Prenatal Massage

No more of those awkward side lying massages, Come try out our amazing 'belly down' prenatal pillow and the comforts of a more natural massage experience. Being pregnant changes everything from swollen feet, an achy back and extra weight to carry around, sometimes we just need a little piece of that  "normal" feeling. Even if only for an hour.

Sciatica Quick Fix

Many times clients come in & don't feel they need a 30 or 60 min massage, or they dont have the time that day. So they just want to drop in and get some quick relief from the pain thats slowing them down. This was made for you. 20 Minutes strictly devoted to releasing sciatica tension & None of the other areas

TMJ Massage

Massage specificly treating those who suffer from TMJ

{ jaw pain from clenching and teeth grinding }


If you think a typical massage feels great, just imagine TWO !


An ancient technique where silicone or glass cups are used to help bring blood and fluid to the surface to treat sore muscles and relieve pain. For more info , give us a call at 337-802-9631

Aromatherapy Oil

Pamper yourself with a total senses experience, not only do these oils aid in relaxation but they have diverse healing properties.