Gena LMT LA8437

Quiet & Polite,

The clients all love Ms.Gena.     

Gena, graduated from the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy in 2016 where her passion for massage blossomed. Her modalities include Swedish, deep tissue and joint mobilization techniques. While sometimes soft spoken, she loves meeting new clients and helping them reach their physical wellness goals.      "in our profession its better to listen than to always be heard"

Gena May

Our 2nd Year.

Therapist of the Year

Sean LMT LA8563

 a graduate of the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy in Lake Charles. He is very focused on his clients' individual needs and his massage is both specific and flowing .His style combines the deep relaxation of firm, rhythmic massage with therapeutic techniques to relieve muscles tension and discomfort.

Get in with him before he's gone, Sean's moving soon!


Ashley LMT

Our Newest Addition


LMT LA8923

 Unitech Training Academy in Alexandria graduate. Being able to provide a service that not only relaxes clients but also benefits their emotional & mental well being is incredibly rewarding. When Im not in the office, i enjoy spending quality time with my husband and our son.

Marie Ingram

Bubbly & Personable, You'll never feel anxious around Marie.     

Erica LMT


Proud Co-Owner & Massage Therapist

Coco LMT

Proud Co-Owner & Massage Therapist