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Is Massage a Luxury or Necessity?

Here in SWLA I firmly believe we understand what Stress is, but do we really know what stress can do to our bodies and mental wellbeing?

For years now I've heard so many people come into our office for their 'birthday massage' and tell us how this is their yearly "treat or splurge" for themselves.

(I'm sorry, one moment please... While I wrap my head around that sentence)

Once a year? You only care for yourself once a year? I want so badly to wrap my arms around them and plead with them to love themselves more and say, "No Hunnie, the birthday cake is the treat and a Massage is far from a 'splurge' ."

But that's just my opinion and here's a quick breakdown of why.

Here's a quick list of just SOME of the effects normal daily stress can have on our bodies.

Stress can cause:

  • tiredness

  • irritability/mood swings,

  • irrational decision making,

  • poor sleep patterns,

  • unhealthy weight loss or gain,

  • upset stomach, headaches,

  • chest pain,

  • fidgeting,

  • sweating,

  • nervousness,

  • heartburn,

  • rapid breathing or shortness of breath,

  • asthma,

  • high blood sugar,

  • increase's your risk for a heart attack,

  • weakens your immune system

  • (which opens the door of possibilities to an unprecedented number of inquires and ailments, either long or short term)

  • tight muscles,

  • anxiety and panic attacks,

  • constipation and diarrhea,

  • erectile dysfunction or impotence,

  • painful menstrual cycles,

  • miscarriages,

  • TMJ (commonly referred to as lockjaw)

and the list could go on....

Luckily for you, Massage Therapy is one of the more effective and enjoyable ways to help reduce such stress.

The more regularly you receive Massages the more noticeable its benefits become.

This powerful list of just some of the benefits Massage Therapy provides, may help you to understand why we are so passionate about what we as Massage Therapists do.

Massage benefits :

  • releases endorphins which give you the feeling of wellbeing,

  • calms the mind,

  • reduces anxiety,

  • reduces depression,

  • lessens mood swings,

  • gives you more clarity and mental focus,

  • improves your apatite and digestive function,

  • reduces the effects of cellulite,

  • helps improve skin elasticity,

  • increases blood flow,

  • decreases heartrate,

  • eases muscles tension and promotes internal healing,

  • improves joint mobility and muscles fatigue,

just to name a few....

Now, let me ask you "Can you really afford Not to get a Massage? Is it really a splurge to love yourself?"

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