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Nervous about your 1st massage?

Whether this is your 1 st massage or just your first massage with us,

it's completely normal to be a little anxious

not knowing fully what to expect during your first visit.

We are here to help with first time jitters,

we've all been exactly where you are right now.

When you arrive someone will greet you as you enter our office,

they'll ask your name, if you have an appointment & if you're a new client.

If so, you will be asked to fill out a basic client form that includes,

your name, d.o.b. some appropriate health / background info. to help us better serve you.

You'll be asked if you'd like to visit the restroom before your session begins.

Your massage therapist will show you to you treatment room.

Once inside the room, he or she will go over the information you provided on your form.

They will discuss with you the purpose of your visit,

whether it be to relax, to relieve pains, etc.

Now is the time you can bring to attention your specific needs,

such as "Please do not massage my feet" or "Can we focus more time on my back than working on my arms".

Every massage can be tailored to your needs.

They will instruct you to undress to your comfort level and (usually)

lie face down under the sheets.

They will leave the room and let you get undressed and under the sheets.

After a few minutes they will Knock, ask if you are ready for them to enter.

Your massage will begin

and anything the therapist needs you to do will be asked during the session,

such as to turn over or to lift your feet, etc.

After your massage they will excuse themselves again

and you may begin to get dressed and come back into the lobby

to make any final payments or to schedule your next appointment.

PLEASE we urge you,

if at anytime

your therapist is not using enough or too much pressure

please do not hesitate to say something to them,

they are completely trained to be able to adjust to your needs

(Unless your asking a tiny female to use 300 lbs of pressure) lol

and this will in no way offend them!

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