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Customize any massage when booking

From Music Selection,
Heated Bed,
Quiet Session,
Essential Oils 
and now

you can have our therapist incorporate 10 minutes of your session

using our four point percussion deep tissue massager into your session ($7)



Specific Massage

  $45 - 30 min      Post operation      

  $80 - 60 min      Lymphatic Massage

  $45 - 30 min      TMJ (for jaw pain)

  $45 - 30 min       Prenatal Massage 

  $80 - 60 min       in our BELLY DOWN pillow

  $40 - 30 min        Reflexology

  $20 - 20 min        Sciatica Quick Fix

Swedish/Deep Tissue                            


  $40 - 30 min             $90 - 30 min

  $75 - 60 min             $160 - 60 min

$105 - 90 min            $220 - 90 min


  Hot Stone Add-On $10 per person

Specific Massage     cont.

   $60 - 30 min        Tandem- a massage from

 $120 - 60 min        two therapists at once

   $10 - 10 min        Scalp massage add-on

   $25 - 20 min         Foot Massage

                  $15         Cupping add-on

                    $7         Aromatherapy Oil Add-on





          $45 -  NEW Bio-Facial

Gently  cleanses environmental pollutions from the skin, while incorporating a 5 minute facial steam. Facial includes a cleanse, scrub, cleansing steam, mask, and moisturizer all products used in this facial are all


      $40 - Gravity Facial   'Black Mud Mask'

Includes cleansing, exfoliation, toning, G mask, and moisturizing

plus 5 minute neck, hand or foot massage.

As we age,  our skins 28 day renewal process,  of old cells dying and sloughing off  and allowing new cells to emerge, begins to slow down. Over time this leads to dead cell build up. Exfoliation helps remove what gets clogged up/caked on. Helping new skin look  and feel smoother, more vibrant and free of debris.  Scrub includes the back legs/feet, arms/hands. 

 (Service time is approx 40 mins.)

Description above, (just the feet)


      $60 - Body Polish


      $20 - Foot Polish

Lay Under Our Light Therapy Dome and Relax While The Lights Work Their Magic

 Helps with oil control, redness, aging, helps to bring nutrients and energy to the skin cells to make the skin healthier and appear more youthful. Rejuvenation Photon Therapy Machine reduces visible wrinkles and dark spots for a smooth and uniform texture.


Each color light has different therapeutic effects:

Red Light - Promotes blood circulation. Green Light - Lightens scars.

Yellow Light - Improves skin redness.

Blue Light - Calms Allergic skin. Orange light - Promote metabolism.

Purple light - Whitening and brightening.

White light - Improve fine lines and loose skin.

(time for this is 30 minutes)


      $20 - Light Therapy


sKin carE

   Skin Care 


Pro Facial $50

Pro Facial Plus $75


Pro Facial Deluxe $115

 Pro Back Treatment $100


Extractions $10

approximately 50 mins

Basic Facial with deep cleanse, facial steamer machine treatment, exfoliating scrub, mask, moisturizer. Plus a shoulder and scalp massage.

approximately 60 mins

A complete skin analysis with a custom face treatment according to skin type, along with a relaxing shoulder, neck,  face and scalp massage.


 approximately 60 mins

For advanced treatment or techniques such as acne fighter facial, antiaging, microdermabrasion, spot remover, meso therapy, ultrasound high frequency, etc

approximatey 60 mins

Treat your back to a facial. Body acne can put a damper on everyday situations (such as wearing your dream wedding dress or even just a carefree day at the beach), our Esthetician can help get you bare back ready. Treatment includes a personalized Deep cleansing treatment and exfoliating scrub using leading skin care products. This treatment also includes extractions!



Mini Package $125

*30 Min Aromatherapy Massage

*Cleansing Facial

* Body Polish

 (approx 1 hour 30 mins)

Deluxe Package  $175

*60 Min Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage

*Fresh Start Facial

*Body Polish

 (approx 2 hours)   

Couples Mini Escape $195

*Couples 30 Min Aromatherapy Massage

*Couples Fresh Start Facial

*Couples Foot Polish

(approx 1 hour) foot scrub is usually done while facial mask sets

Couples Wellness Package $255

*Couples 60 min Aromatherapy Massage

*Couples Fresh Start Facial

*Couples 10 min Scalp Massage

 (approx 1 hour & 25 min) scalp massage is       usually done while the facial mask sets

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