Swedish or Deep Tissue

30 MIN-- $40

Swedish or Deep Tissue

60 MIN-- $75 
(60 MIN HOT STONE $85)
COUPLES-- $160 
(60 MIN HOT STONE FOR 2   $180)

Swedish or Deep Tissue

90 MIN- $105 
(90 MIN HOT STONE $115)
 (90 MIN HOT STONE FOR 2   $240)

Prenatal Massage


2nd & 3rd trimester

 Oh Baby, You Deserve This!

30 Mins   $ 45

60 Mins   $ 80

Tandem Massage


Save on time, not quality!

Love getting a Massage?

Would you love it twice as much if there were two Therapists massaging you simultaneously!

See for yourself & fall in love with our Tandem Massage.

A 30 Min. is equivalent to a typical 1 hour massage 

30 mins    $ 75 

   A 60 Min. is equivalent to a typical 2 Hour massage

  60 mins   $ 140​

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

(Usually required post surgical procedure)

Techniques that encourage the natural drainage of the lymph,

which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

30 min    $ 45              60 min  $ 80


30 Min TMJ (for jaw pain)   $ 40

uses specific techniques  focused on the head, neck and facial muscles of those suffering from TMJ most commonly due to teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

30 Min Reflexology    $ 40

Reflexology uses pressure point therapy

on the hands/feet that align with the body to help aid in wellness

10 Min Scalp Massage   $ 15

20 Min Foot Massage    $ 25

Aromatherapy oil add-on      $ 7


Spa Service List

*Fresh Start Face Treatment $40

a powerful yet gentle

face cleansing, resurfacing, repairing and refreshing system.

(Service time is approx 25 mins.)

*Body Scrub $60

As we age, our skins 28 day renewal process, of old cells dying

and sluffing off and allowing new cells to emerge, begins to slow down.

Over time this leads to dead cell build up. Exfoliation helps remove

what gets clogged up/caked on. Helping new skin look and feel smoother,

more vibrant and free of debris.

Scrub includes the back, legs/feet, arms/hands.

(Service time is approx 50 mins.)

*Foot Scrub $20

an exfoliating scrub just on the feet,

with nourishing cream then massaged into the feet 

leaves your feet feeling amazing

(Service time is approx 20 mins.)


Hand/Foot Dip $30

warm wax dip for the hands and feet that soothes joint pain and leaves the skin extra soft

Preselected (money saving)  Packages

Mini Package $135

package includes

 30 Min Aromatherapy  Massage,

 Fresh Start Face Treatment  &

Body  Scrub

(approximately 1 hour 50 mins.  treatment time) 


package includes

60 Min Aromatherapy Massage,

Paraffin Hand/Feet,

Fresh Start Face Treatment  &

Body Scrub

(approximately  2.5 hours treatment time)

Couples Wellness Package  $255

package includes

Couples 60 Min Aromatherapy Massage,

Couples Fresh Start Face Treatment  &

 Couples Scalp Massage

(approximately  1 hour & 40 mins treatment time)

Couples Mini Escape $195

package includes

Couples 30 Min Aromatherapy Massage

Couples Fresh Start Face Treatment   &

Couples Foot Scrub

(approximately  1 hour 15 mins treatment time)