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Magnetizing Face Treatment $40

Recharging Face Treatment that uses magnetic self heating properties to cleanse and detoxify the face while feeling amazing. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, toning, mask, and moisturizing.

(Service time approx 20 minutes)

Body Polish $60

As we age,  our skins 28 day renewal process,  of old cells dying and sluffing off  and allowing new cells to emerge, begins to slow down. Over time this leads to dead cell build up. Exfoliation helps remove what gets clogged up/caked on. Helping new skin look  and feel smoother, more vibrant and free of debris.  Scrub includes the back legs/feet, arms/hands. 

 (Service time is approx 40 mins.)

Triple Foot Treatment  $35

Sit back, relax and let the jets bubbles work their magic. Treatment includes

* 10 minute aromatherapy infused foot soak in our warm jetted foot tub,

* an exfoliating foot scrub,

and finally a 10 minute foot massage with our house blend soul heeling foot balm

(service time is 30 minutes)

Light Therapy $20

REJUVENATES SKIN: Features seven different color light sources, each color light has different therapeutic effects: Red Light - Promotes blood circulation. Green Light - Lightens scars. Yellow Light - Improves skin redness. Blue Light - Calms Allergic skin. Orange light - Promote metabolism. Purple light - Whitening and brightening. White light - Improve fine lines and loose skin.

 Helps with oil control, redness, aging, helps to bring nutrients and energy to the skin cells to make the skin healthier and appear more youthful. Rejuvenation Photon Therapy Machine reduces visible wrinkles and dark spots for a smooth and uniform texture.

(time for this is 30 minutes)

Foot Polish $20

an exfoliating scrub just on the feet, with nourishing cream then massaged into the feet  leaves your feet feeling amazing

(Service time is approx 15 mins.)

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